What is the Healthy Barometer and what can it tell me?

By Bowskill Clinic on Saturday, May 12th, 2018

healthy barometer poster by bowskill clinic

The Healthy Barometer is a ten question one hundred point questionnaire. By taking this online questionnaire you can get an immediate insight into your body’s level of physiological load and the right starting point for recovery. Below is a quick summary of the health implications of your results:

If you score from 69-100, you are experiencing a combination of significant physical, mental and emotional stresses, and you have run out of coping strategies. In this bracket, you will feel tired, suffer from regular aches and pains, and feel like you are running on empty and react poorly to emotional stress.

At this level, we strongly recommend you seek help from a physiotherapist, osteopath and/or clinical psychologist or seek the advice of a suitable doctor. This may be added to by a nutrition and lifestyle programme to reduce levels of inflammation. With the right kind of manual therapy and careful exercise, you should gradually be able to reduce the necessity for treatment and progress into our movement coaching programme.

If you score from 33-69, this means that your body is functioning reasonably efficiently, is moderately resilient and able to absorb moderate to low levels of stressors on physical, mental and emotional levels. In light of this, your focus should be towards optimising performance and strength and conditioning training. There is much less need for physiotherapy and this might be replaced by remedial massage therapy to ease tight muscles from training hard. Nutrition and lifestyle advice would be more focused on improving vitality, focus and concentration and making sure you are fuelling correctly for any sport or activity.

Once you get into the 0-33 range the Bowskill Clinic’s goal is to help support you to stay there for the long term. This is where our coaching programmes really come into their own. By consulting us, we’ll design a tailored and supervised fitness routine designed to improve your strength, fitness and body composition. This will allow you to progress knowing that you are making the best of your time in the gym and maintaining your health and fitness for the future.

To find out where you fit on the Healthy Barometer, visit: www.bowskillclinic.com/healthy-barometer

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