The new world of Quantum training

By Bowskill Clinic on Saturday, May 12th, 2018

For many years strength training has been known to have many benefits both for health and performance. The tools of this trade have been tactile and taken many forms such as dumbbells, barbells, bands, body weight, machines with weight stacks etc. These have served us well over the years but as technology becomes more available and the worlds of rehabilitation and strength and conditioning catch up with other fields there are new opportunities to take the accuracy, efficiency and speed of results to a new level.

The pioneers in this field are Athletic 1080. Specialists in the application of science and robotics to human performance their 1080 Quantum and Sprint systems offer a previously unheard of insight and ability to understand an individuals relative strengths and weaknesses. This system allows every moment of every repetition to be tracked, monitored and optimised for the individual’s needs.



At the Bowskill Clinic we use the force curves this system provides to understand exactly where strengths and weaknesses lie with the movement pattern of every movement. We can assess exactly which movements are weak and exactly where in the movement they are weak. This allows the building up of a very accurate picture of where gains need to be made. We also use the technology to understand the rate of force development in different explosive movements. This is very important to sporting movements such as golf where efficient explosive force is critical.  It doesn’t just matter just how fast you swing the club it matters where this force is generated from. This relationship is measure by something called a force / velocity curve. It is measure in watts and is the unit used to measure the expression of power. The force velocity curve pictorially represents how much of the power comes from force and how much from velocity. Two different people can have the same peak power output but one will generate it from high speed and low force and then other will generate it from low speed and high force. Getting this balance right for each individual is one of the key parts to ensuring that you are optimising your body’s ability and also improving your resilience and resistance to injury.

At the Bowskill Clinic we are the first facility in the UK to use this cutting technology for both rehabilitation and performance. Our assessments allow a unique insight to where improvements can be made and this knowledge allows the prescription of unique strength and conditioning strategies both on the Quantum itself and in other training programmes.

To find out more about 1080 Quantum assessments at the Bowskill Clinic contact [email protected]


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