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Rachel Henry

  • Corrective Exercise Specialist

Originally from Toronto, Canada Rachel arrived in London in 2017 and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with her. Her background includes a BSc in Exercise Kinesiology as well as additional qualifications in nutrition and lifestyle coaching. 

Trained in the sciences of movement, exercise and nutrition, she provides clients a wide range of tools and support for post-rehabilitation training, athletic development, geriatric programming, strength and conditioning, and more.

Before arriving in London, she created and lead a charity fundraising event through a project called Own Your Strength. The Own Your Strength project was formed to empower participants to appreciate their bodies for the amazing things they can do rather than just how they look. It started as a photoshoot done with volunteers at her local gym and went on to produce a calendar that was sold to raise money for a local women’s shelter. Since then, Own Your Strength has become a blog and online community that she maintains and contributes to in her spare time.

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