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Peter Bodi

  • CHEK Level 2
  • Somatraining/therapy practitioner
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Pilates Instructor

Peter Bodi is a rehabilitation exercise specialist with a background in physical education and strength and conditioning. He has studied from and works closely with Guy Voyer D.O. and his specialty and main interest is in designing exercise and lifestyle programs aiming at correcting physiological and biomechanical dysfunctions that may result in pain or loss of performance. He focuses on working with those who are motivated and open to learn how to heal, improve, and manage their bodies in order to do all the things they want and love to do. On your first appointment with Peter you will be taken through a series of biomechanical, orthopedic and movement assessment that will identify weaknesses and imbalances that may result or have already resulted in a dysfunction somewhere in your body.

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