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Andrew Jackson


  • Chartered Physiotherapist
  • Senior exercise specialist level IV

With more than 15 years’ experience, Andrew Jackson has been working in the field of rehabilitation, sport, health and exercise.

Andrew began to attract clients from both ends of the spectrum; complicated cases that others were reluctant to take on as well as athletes who demanded great attention to detail. During this time, Andrew gained a great deal of experience working with and rehabilitating a wide range of clients, from those suffering from severe chronic pain to elite level athletes striving to optimise their performance levels. His approach utilised many of the techniques and methods he had learnt during his extensive travels around the world studying with leading professionals in the fields of osteopathy, C.H.E.K, physiotherapy, sports science, neuromuscular therapy, yoga and many other related disciplines.

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Full return to circus performance

Full return to circus performance following a SLAP tear ...

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Resolution of chronic tennis elbow

Resolution of chronic tennis elbow allowed a return to competitive motor racing ...

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Cricket World Cup

Having Andrew on tour in Kenya and during the 2007 World Cup was extremely important ...

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Effective to my specific requirements

Andrew’s approach at Surrey was very effective and specific to my individual ...

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