Musculoskeletal Podiatry

Study and treatment of feet

Musculoskeletal podiatry concerns the study and treatment of the feet and the subsequent relationship to the rest of the body.

The ‘Footscope System’ uses the very latest biomechanical VICON technology to map the function of the foot, legs and pelvis in three dimensions. This understanding combines with in-shoe analysis of how your foot loads inside your shoes. Together this gives an accurate understanding of what might be happening to create pain either in the foot or higher up at the ankle, the knee, the hip or even the lower back.

Based on this assessment, it is then possible to recommend a course of action to resolve the issue whether through physiotherapy or specially designed insoles for your shoes.

Musculoskeletal Podiatry uses a detailed system of video analysis and musculoskeletal range of motion and movement assessment

Your initial appointment with our practitioner, Jayesh Thakrar is 90 minutes, with follow-ups generally between 60-30 minutes. We believe that a minimum of 90 minutes allows us to fully establish the source of the problem with a detailed biomechanical and structural assessment, leading to a comprehensive diagnostic plan.

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