Medical/Clinical Gait Analysis

Advanced analysis tools

Our podiatrist and lower limb biomechanical specialist will use the most advanced analysis tools to provide the information required for the most effective treatment.

Determining the impact of your foot function on the limb and also how other joints affect the foot is vital. The combination of our experience, expertise; and detailed technical tools allow us to do this.


A detailed gait analysis is required to establish this link. In addition, we use our systems to measure other functional movements which provides us with unparalleled information on how your body moves. Therefore your assessment may not only involve assessing the foot as the primary cause of the symptoms may be higher up the limb.

Once a diagnosis is established we can provide the most correct exercise program, pain relief methods, footwear recommendations and when indicated an orthotic prescription. Normal insoles tend to simply cushion a foot and apply some bulk in the arch area. However, the data gathered from a client’s analysis will provide us with the information to prescribe a customised device to modify and improve foot function. This allows the muscles and joints to operate in a more desirable and natural manner, rather than forcing the foot to become almost dormant and reliant on the device. This, in turn, leads to a more comfortable return to activities.

Your initial appointment with last 90 minutes and this allows for a comprehensive discussion of your symptoms, a full physical examination and also go through the relevant analysis tests using our digital systems. At your follow up session all results are explained and treatment commenced. If an orthotic device is recommended we usually issue test devices before a fully bespoke orthotic is prescribed.

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