Comprehensive approach to all muscoskeletal conditions

GUNN IMS is a comprehensive approach to all musculoskeletal conditions. It is highly effective on problems such as back-ache, headaches, tennis elbow, and frozen shoulder – often with fast and dramatic results.

Many causes of pain and chronic problems cannot be fully understood by imaging diagnostics alone. This is because pain is often neuropathic (functional) as well as structural. GUNN IMS relies on a thorough physical examination of the patient to find the physical signs of neuropathic pain.

Distressed or injured muscles can become contracted and shortened. The GUNN IMS practitioner uses thin acupuncture needles to target deep inside these muscles. Often the needling site is close to the spine where the nerve root may have become irritated and supersensitive, causing different problems in many different parts of the body.

Your initial appointment with our practitioner, James Pinkney is one hour, with follow-ups generally at 30 minutes.

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