Clinical Massage Therapy

Delicate and targeted released of muscle tension

Clinical massage therapy is designed to help relieve tight muscles, improve movement patterns and relax the central nervous system.


It is an ideal compliment to recovery from injury as well as loosening up the body from the occasional aches and pains of training hard, or a busy everyday life.

This form of therapy can also be used for those who are fit and well as a way to improve the health of the system and often we find that clients tell us that the sense of deep relaxation after a session enables them to cope more easily with the stresses of everyday life.

Treatment is appropriate from injury to recovery, as a support to lifestyle and sport goals, and as a general positive experience that enhances well-being and health.

Your initial appointment with our therapist is longer than with other practices. We believe that a minimum of 60 - 90 minutes allows us to fully establish the source of the problem.

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