Provides a holistic full system assessment of how your body is working

The C.H.E.K system recognises that each client is completely unique in their presentation.


Through a systematic approach C.H.E.K assessments get to the root cause of a client’s pain and dysfunction, by using a ‘no stone unturned’ approach.

This approach includes an evaluation of:

  • Spinal mechanics
  • Muscle balance
  • Posture and core muscular function
  • Health and lifestyle factors
  • Stress management
  • Functional movement pattern assessments
  • All of which result in a highly bespoke training and lifestyle strategy

The comprehensive C.H.E.K system is aimed to optimise movement and lifestyle addressing underlying factors influencing performance and everyday life.

The C.H.E.K approach uses a hierarchical grading system that ranges from level I practitioners, who are able to deal with basic orthopaedic complaints, to level IV practitioners who are able to deal with complex chronic and debilitating cases.

Your initial appointment with our CHEK practitioner is a minimum of 90-120 minutes which allows us to fully assess your individual needs with a detailed structure and biomechanical evaluation leading to a comprehensive plan.

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