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The Bowskill Clinic Optimus musculoskeletal screen has been created as a result of Jon Bowskill’s three-year search for the latest technology and expertise to help better understand human movement, function and its role in performance and recovery from mechanical injury and pain.

Directed and co-ordinated by Jon, each element of the programme has been carefully chosen to provide a particular level and quality of unique information about how the body works. Best in class in each area these technologies mean we can understand in precise detail how the human system is working. This means better patient understanding, faster results, accelerated healing and optimised recovery.

The optimus package of assessment has been designed to answer critical questions about how we move in the way we do and what can be done to help improve recovery from pain and as well as optimise performance.

It has been created principally for those who are looking for a fast track to resolving problematic injuries or musculoskeletal aches and pains and also those interested in optimising athletic performance.

It also provides a unique and objective assessment of movement mechanics and function for those who are simply interested in understanding more of how their body performs and what can be done to improve this and increase resilience to injury in the future.

The package includes:


  • Low dose Linear CT
  • Accurate understanding of your individual skeleton and postural mechanics
  • Identification of any structural issues
  • Accurate measurement of leg length and pelvic symmetry


  • Unique 24-hour spinal movement assessment
  • Detailed report on spinal movement habits
  • Pain alerts to correlate irritating factors to movements
  • Trackable data for checking progress
  • Bio feedback training for improved spinal function

1080 MAP

  • Whole body functional movement analysis
  • Trackable progress
  • Identification of movement issues
  • Measurement of movement asymmetries
  • Identification of global movement restrictions
  • Identification of injury risk areas


  • World leading 3D motion capture technology
  • Accurate individual joint movement assessment
  • Accurate gait analysis
  • Kinetic chain biomechanical assessment


  • Strength testing specific to your individual movements / activities
  • Assessment of muscle performance in movement chains
  • Identification of individual weaknesses
  • Ability to train specifically to precise needs
  • Identification of muscular strength asymmetries


  • Hands on individual muscle tests
  • Additional assessment of systems influencing movement including organ health, breathing, stress, nutrition and lifestyle
  • Identification of soft tissue restrictions


  • Trusted BC medical Expert
  • Knowledgeable in BC approach and philosophy
  • Review of any scans, imaging and past history
  • Recommendations for progressing forwards

What is included in the report

Your report includes all of the data collected in your assessment along with detailed evaluation of this and what it means for your future conditioning and therapy. It is provided by our team of experts and will give you the most accurate data available on how your body moves along with recommendations for what to do about it.

Further advice and re-evaluation

We will make a series of recommendations based on your assessment. These may involve following a bespoke programme of stretching, exercise and strengthening, recommendations for specialist physiotherapy, osteopathy or soft tissue work, or potentially guidance on dietary changes or lifestyle.

Each recommendation will be backed up with the thinking behind this so you can understand precisely why we believe these are the right next steps for you.