Medicine to health and well being, what should be a seamless journey

By Bowskill Clinic on Saturday, May 12th, 2018

In the old world of medicine you went to a doctor when you were sick, expected to be ‘cured’ and then returned to life as ‘normal’. There are still old school situations where this mentality pops up but for the lions share of people these days if you have to go to the doctor because of a problem you want what ever help is needed and then to know what to do to help stop the problem from recurring. In many cases the doctors themselves are not the right people to provide this advice once the crisis has been dealt with. So if they are not able to provide this advice it is critically important they know who the right people are for this job.

At the same time in a orthopaedic rehabilitation clinic it is critically important that the physiotherapists and rehab specialists also know when things aren’t going as they should be to plan and who to call on in the medical world for the next line of defence and assistance in dealing with the problem.

For this reason for anyone going through the rehabilitative process it is important to know that the doctor or surgeon you are dealing with knows the scope of their practice and advice and the rehabilitation specialists also know where their scope of practice lies. Both have to respect these boundaries if the patient is to truly benefit from a seamless provision of the right advice at the right time.

For this reason cross speciality relationships are critical for successful outcomes. These relationships are built up over years of working together, understanding in a detailed ways how  each other works and then adding to that mix the experience of dealing with sometimes hundreds of cases together. Cross referring to the right person with the right personality, skills and experience to get the very best result is a quality grown over a long period of time.

At the Bowskill Clinic we only refer to Doctors and Surgeons that we would send our family too. If we wouldn’t trust them with our family we don’t trust them with our clients…

We have a network of specialists in sports medicine, pain management,  rheumatology, orthopaedic surgery of foot and ankle, hip, knee, shoulder, spine, wrist and elbow, neurosurgery of brain and spine, general practitioners, physicians and musculoskeletal imaging,

If you would like a recommendation for one of our trusted medical specialists  email [email protected]

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