The Health Barometer TM questionnaire below will help us to understand more about your general health and well-being and your level of what we call physiological load. We use this scoring system to allocate you a score on a scale of 1-10 that indicates how effectively your bodies’ general systems are working.

This will greatly help us in how we construct a rehabilitation and treatment plan for you and also assist with making sure that we prescribe the right level of intensity for your training and conditioning.

It will also help us to understand how quickly you may be likely to recover from an injury or illness and will give us a subjective tool to be able to quickly measure how your health is changing as you progress with your plan.

To complete the form simply slide to the number that most closely correlates to your sense of where you sit at this current moment in time. Upon completion, we will add each total together to give you a Healthy Barometer TM total.

You may then discuss this total with your healthcare practitioner to understand its significance and what the most sensible steps will be to improve this score.