The Healthy Barometer is a subjective tool that we use at the clinic to, first of all, help clients score their current level of health. Secondly, based on this score it then helps to highlight which form of practice can be of most help at the different stages of the health spectrum.

We developed this tool as our specialists are all able to help during different parts of the journey towards optimal health and function, but sometimes it can be confusing to know who can help most at what time. This is a simple tool to help identify which practitioners are most appropriate and who might also be involved at different stages of recovery or performance enhancement. In practice, the key practitioner leading the health journey will help to work out the best plan for moving forwards, but this tool helps to assist clients in becoming informed of how different treatments and coaching can be used to maximise progress.

The Healthy Barometer also allows clients to see which individual practitioners are involved in each zone so that they can put a face to the speciality as well. The goal of the diagram is to allow the cient to visualise how as their health transforms, so does the input required to move it to the next level.

If you have any questions about the Healthy Barometer then please contact us at the clinic.