Exercise coaching what is it and do I need it?

By Bowskill Clinic on Saturday, May 12th, 2018

Exercise is really at the heart of what we do and has been a foundational part of the practice since its very inception. When I started using exercise specifically in recovery from spinal issues back in 1998 most of what I did involved designing very prescriptive programmes and personally  taking people through those programmes. It allowed me to have plenty of contact time and the luxury of making sure that everyone on a programme was doing all elements of that programme correctly every single time they did it. I now still provide video and detailed notes for every programme that I write but always advise clients to add in some supervision with my team to ensure optimum results.

Each of my highly qualified team of exercise specialists has been personally chosen by myself to help support our clients in the programmes which have been designed by myself and the physical therapy team.

The supervision itself involves adjusting each session to how you are feeling on that specific day, this may mean adjusting repetitions, altering exercises within certain parameters or increasing or decreasing sets.  These individual and bespoke adjustments mean that you are getting the absolute maximum out of each session not too much, not too little just the right amount of exercise for you on that day, under those circumstances.

In addition to this we know from the conclusive evidence in health and fitness that working under the supervision of an exercise professional not only dramatically improves effort used but also improves compliance and outcomes. It also provides support, focus and a little more fun and ensures that especially with rehabilitative programmes that you are doing everything correctly and progressing on at the right increments.

While it is not at option for everyone if you are committed to the process and want to do everything possible to amplify your results in a safe and controlled way then this provides the very best opportunity for this.

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