Neck Pain

Solutions for all types of neck aches and pains

Neck pain can be caused by many different factors including muscle spasm, poor posture, irritated discs or nerves in the neck as well as issues with the jaw and facet joints of the neck.

There is less muscle around the neck and the joints of the neck move more than the thoracic and lumbar spine and so it is important to take a delicate approach to resolving pain in this area.

Degenerative disc disease

Degenerative disc disease is the term used to describe what happens within our spinal discs as we get older and the discs become thinner and hold less water. This process of degeneration can be helped by maintaining good strength and balance of the muscles that support the neck.

Treatment options or combinations

Facet joint disease

Facet joint disease is the term used for degenerative changes in the small joints which are the side of every level of the spine and guide and control its motion. If the body does not load appropriately through these joints then the joint itself changes and this can cause pain. Facet joints can be effectively supported through a programme of therapeutic exercise.

Treatment options or combinations

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