Foot & Ankle Pain

Targeted treatment for all lower limb problems

The foot and ankle is a complex of joints which can become injured during both everyday and sporting activities. It is important to determine whether the symptoms are related to a medical condition, an acute injury, or due to abnormal biomechanics.

The root cause of the abnormal mechanics may not be within the foot and ankle region and it is our goal to establish what the true primary driver is. Treatment plans will include giving correct footwear advice, prescribing foot and ankle rehabilitation exercises; and when required issuing custom made orthotics. Foot orthotics can be accommodative or supportive when this is required; or they can be specifically designed to provide improved function and promote a more efficient and natural foot motion.

Sprained ankle

An ankle sprain typically occurs when the ligaments supporting the ankle are forced into a stretch beyond their limits. They can be sustained whilst playing sports which require twisting or jumping movements at the ankle, but can also be caused by a simple trip on an uneven surface. Full and thorough rehabilitation is very important as the ankle can otherwise become chronically weak and unstable leading to repeated sprains.

Plantar Fasciitis and Arch Pain

The plantar fascia is a strong band of tissue which extends along the arch of the foot. It can become stressed and inflamed which leads to pain, particularly on waking, at it’s heel insertion or midway along it’s path. Although this is a common condition it is often misdiagnosed and this results in patients under-going incorrect treatment. The correct assessment of arch and heel pain can help target the correct treatment strategy to ensure a quicker return to activity and resolution of symptoms.

Shin Splints

This is an umbrella term for a number of conditions which cause shin pain. They are commonly related to physical activity such as running and usually occur when the intensity or frequency of the activity have changed. The symptoms can be aggravated by wearing incorrect training shoes or poor lower limb mechanics. The particular cause of the pain can involve the bone, muscle, or tendon and so it is important to have a thorough examination and further test if required.

Achilles Tendonitis

The Achilles tendon is a large tendon and transfers power from the calf muscle to the heel and ankle joint. It is able to withstand high levels of tension, particularly during running and jumping activities. In sections it has a poor blood supply and is therefore susceptible to overuse injuries and degeneration. A full and lasting recovery can only be obtained if a physical rehabilitation program is accompanied with investigations and interventions to address any mechanical inefficiencies. A multidisciplinary team approach is therefore vital to manage and treat this condition.

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