About Us


The Bowskill Clinic, Home of Intelligent Health, was founded in 2009 by Jon Bowskill. The clinic was created to provide a hub for Jon’s philosophy of interlinked health strategies working seamlessly alongside medical care.   Created within the historical Georgian townhouse at 4 Duke Street, the clinic has been designed to feel much more like a home than a conventional medical centre. Our belief is that healing and recovery from injury happens when you feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease and this is what we have tried to achieve within our reception area and the facilities as a whole.   Our team is built on a like-minded, knowledgeable and highly qualified team of practitioners who share a common and interlinked philosophy for health and healing of the body.   Our philosophy is to treat where necessary, coach you back to optimal health and then help to keep you there. To do this we bring together the three major elements of health; Movement and Function, Nutrition and Lifestyle and Mindset and Resiliance.   Our goal is to help you to understand which elements you need to bring together and in what order to speed up healing and optimise performance.   We are here to provide all the technical advice, treatment and support under one roof that is needed to not only to recover from injury but also stay fit and healthy long into the future.

Our focus is on bringing together the three main components for optimum health and human performance. We consider these to be Pain Free Movement and Function, Nutrition and Lifestyle and Mindset and Resilience.

We do this by bringing together expert advice and treatment based on the use of pioneering biomedical technology and integration of advanced imaging and diagnostics. On this foundation, we use our multidisciplinary approach backed up by quality care and support systems for our clients.

Movement and Function


Having sufficient range of motion in your muscles to move well for your needs


Being able to coordinate your movements for a broad range of motions without restriction


The ability to be able to control forces through the joints to minimize strain and damage and optimize control under load


The ability to be able to work for extended periods without early fatigue


Having adequate strength to deal with the requirements of your daily life, sport and orthopaedic needs.


Having the ability to be able to express this strength quickly to meet the requirements of your everyday life or sport

Nutrition and Lifestyle

Food choices

Making sure that you are taking on foods that are balanced and appropriate for your body’s physiological needs


Making sure that you are drinking enough fluids to keep you well hydrated


Making sure that you are getting enough good quality sleep for your needs


Making sure that you have adequate time in your life to relax

Work/Life Balance

Making sure that you understand and are able to balance your time between work and life outside work.


Making sure that you have healthy relationships in your life and are able to recognise and act on those that are not healthy

Mindset and Resiliance

Values and beliefs

To understand your own values and beliefs and how the effect how you interact with the world


To be able to view your situation with clarity of mind relative to the circumstances


The ability to cope with unexpected changes in your environment


The ability to see clearly and follow through on plans


The ability to think about situations and circumstances from different angles and think up different solutions

Gratitude and compassion

The ability to be able to be kind to yourself and others